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posted by [personal profile] palfrey at 11:23pm on 22/04/2009
I've just been along to Sandpit #10 tonight, which was lots of fun. Am now a tad physically exhausted, but mind is still active, so here's my thoughts/notes on the games I played:
  • Shrine: you are part of a cult (Blue, Red, Yellow) in a post-apocalyptic world. All that matters to you now is preserving your shrine (a tripod with a camera on it, and a bucket with a small amount of water in it), videoing other cults and their shrines, while avoiding this being done to you, and doing some rituals. The whole game lasts 12 minutes (as counted by the inbuilt timers in the cameras), and the rituals must be done between particular times (a minute). All of the rituals consist of a chanter (one of your team) reading a line or two, and everyone else responding, plus trying to do some actions alluded to by the text (if you can figure them out - placing twigs on the ground, leaving the circle afterwards one by one, etc). Afterwards you all gather in the theatre for a postmortem points counting (we won!) done by watching all the videos simultaneously. I'm waiting for the video to go up online at some point actually...

  • Bacterius: everyone has a disease, and there are three major ones going around London right now: Purple, Green and White. Everyone starts with one of those, and this is signified by a blown-up balloon (held, not knotted so you can change mid-game). If you hit someone on the shoulder with your balloon you can try and infect them, by playing this little thing where you have two guesses to try and think of something non-obvious you have in common (so things like hair length and gender are out), and if you get it right then you play rock-paper-scissors and if you win they get infected with your disease (and cured of their previous one). There's also Doctors who if they get you, you get immunised you to your current disease. Winning team is most infected after given amount of time. Things went interestingly, because White was winning clearly part way through, which meant most White's stopped trying, and instead Green was able to build back up from just 2 people to win eventually. Had interesting post-game discussion with organisers re: meta-gaming and things could do as strategies. Must send promised email with thoughts...

  • Moveyhouse: we would be in the cinema, but we're not, so we're going to try and recreate what's going on there right now based on text messages from people in there, while in another room with a projector screen showing each message as they appear. Instructions included "person comes in late", "couple in front row are kissing", "popcorn fight starts", "guy in middle rows is wearing Darth Vader mask" (they had some props around), "everyone's laughing", etc. This was a lot of fun, just because of people's willingness to join in to the whole mass experience
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posted by [personal profile] palfrey at 07:21pm on 20/04/2009
I have a Dreamwidth account! Yay! Am currently running with the feet-first approach and seeing what happens.... everything from the Other Site is imported, and I'm only really posting here (which should get auto-crossposted with comment links).
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(I'm going to be doing at least one more post shortly, probably this evening, on various other things I want to do over the nearby future, but here's an item for this week).

On Wednesday, I'm going to the Sandpit. For the uninitiated, Sandpit is a bunch of experimental social games being run by the folks behind the Hide and Seek festival, but on a monthly rather than yearly basis. I loved Hide and Seek, and the one Sandpit I've gotten around to going to since then was also great, and I'd like to go again. The list of the big games for this month is available here

Unfortunately this time (due to overwhelming demand on earlier events) they're having to charge money (£4) for tickets, but this does give you 3 slots in the scheduled games (there's also a bunch of ambient and pick-up-and-play stuff going on as well). I'm planning on booking my ticket this evening (here for anyone that doesn't get to me in time), and given there's service charges and things am very willing to book some extras for others if anyone else says they want to come along. I'm planning on getting there at the beginning (6:30pm) so we can get the best choice of the available games.

(There's also a Facebook event page)
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posted by [personal profile] palfrey at 03:33pm on 05/04/2009
Next weekend is a very long one. Between college closure days and standard holiday stuff, I actually have a 6-day weekend (9th-14th), and nothing to do with it. This will result in my getting very, very bored and generally irritable, so must find things to do! I'd actually somehow been completely ignorant of it up until a week or so ago (this is not unusual for me and non-booked holidays), and so must now plan.

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or events I'm currently unaware of that I should be aware of, please say! There's a vague thought of watching the new Red Dwarf episodes at someone's (as the TV we do have probably can't get Freeview, and even it can, the reception is crap), but that's somewhat problematic given they're showing them on consecutive nights, rather than all together, but maybe someone can record the earlier ones or something...
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posted by [personal profile] palfrey at 02:53pm on 02/04/2009
For those of you unaware (staring at my chest occasionally may help here), I have one or two t-shirts, all with various logos and designs on them, and with a tiny handful of exceptions, nothing particularly mainstream. Given that t-shirt+jeans has been my fashion style for most of the past decade, plus my general sense of fashion, this is not entirely surprising.

However, over the past year or so I haven't been buying that many t-shirts. Possibly I'm just being more busy, but this was up until I found Every day they have a new t-shirt for $10 + $5 shipping (~£10, a very reasonable price for a decent t-shirt), and you can buy a bunch of the back stock for $15+$5 (£13.63). Takes about two weeks to turn up. They're all not bad, but one or two are really cool, and I'm now addicted. I've only bought two so far, but I'd bet I'll end up buying more. One just turned up last night and I'm wearing it now.
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posted by [personal profile] palfrey at 12:10pm on 24/03/2009
Today is Ada Lovelace Day. For the ignorant, she was the world's first computer programmer (predating even the existence of the first computer, thus proving the notion that Real Programmers would use Turing Machines if they weren't so poor at I/O).

For this, I am to write a post about a woman excelling in technology, and I pick Stormy Peters. She's the current Executive Director of the Gnome Foundation (an organisation I've been meaning to join for a while). I'd been reading her blog for a little while now, and I've been thoroughly enjoying her posts on the interactions between open source projects and the wider world, and also on just generally getting stuff done in these projects. She's helping to guide a project whose end results I use every day, I think they're very lucky to have her, and I look forward to seeing the changes I know she'll manage to do.
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posted by [personal profile] palfrey at 01:18pm on 21/03/2009
I actually wrote this post at some point last year (18/10/08 to be exact), but never got around to posting it as I was offline at my parents, and it's been sitting on my desktop ever since, until now.

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posted by [personal profile] palfrey at 05:44pm on 22/02/2009
The observant among you may well have just noticed that I've just posted an extra Twitter posting. This one is a little different to the others however, as it's now done by a tool called Murmur that I've just finished writing. It fixes a couple of the issues with LoudTwitter - namely that it a) provides the whole conversation (where entries are public and the reply_id is set, as the latter isn't true for all clients) which was a complaint of various folks on here and b) that it's aware that some Twitter users are also LJ folks, and names entries appropriately (this is done in the crudest way possible: a lookup table in the config).

I figure now is therefore as good as any point to spend a little time talking about a few of my software projects. All of my Copious Free Time projects are actually up on Github (being a good Free/Open software person, as they're also all available under FOSS licenses, typically GPL 2), but here's a few lines on each for your reference.

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