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Come and play in the Sandpit?

(I'm going to be doing at least one more post shortly, probably this evening, on various other things I want to do over the nearby future, but here's an item for this week).

On Wednesday, I'm going to the Sandpit. For the uninitiated, Sandpit is a bunch of experimental social games being run by the folks behind the Hide and Seek festival, but on a monthly rather than yearly basis. I loved Hide and Seek, and the one Sandpit I've gotten around to going to since then was also great, and I'd like to go again. The list of the big games for this month is available here

Unfortunately this time (due to overwhelming demand on earlier events) they're having to charge money (£4) for tickets, but this does give you 3 slots in the scheduled games (there's also a bunch of ambient and pick-up-and-play stuff going on as well). I'm planning on booking my ticket this evening (here for anyone that doesn't get to me in time), and given there's service charges and things am very willing to book some extras for others if anyone else says they want to come along. I'm planning on getting there at the beginning (6:30pm) so we can get the best choice of the available games.

(There's also a Facebook event page)

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Bah. I'm potentially meeting an old friend on Wednesday evening. Will try to make it to the next one.

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That does sound like a ton of fun - but I'll be in Whitby by then!