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palfrey ([personal profile] palfrey) wrote2009-04-05 03:33 pm

What to do with my long weekend?

Next weekend is a very long one. Between college closure days and standard holiday stuff, I actually have a 6-day weekend (9th-14th), and nothing to do with it. This will result in my getting very, very bored and generally irritable, so must find things to do! I'd actually somehow been completely ignorant of it up until a week or so ago (this is not unusual for me and non-booked holidays), and so must now plan.

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or events I'm currently unaware of that I should be aware of, please say! There's a vague thought of watching the new Red Dwarf episodes at someone's (as the TV we do have probably can't get Freeview, and even it can, the reception is crap), but that's somewhat problematic given they're showing them on consecutive nights, rather than all together, but maybe someone can record the earlier ones or something...

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You can totally come and hang out with us :-)
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I like this plan! Do you guys have any particular plans for the weekend already, or is whenever good?

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Not much yet. Gardening + church seem to be the main ones. Call/text us during the week and we'll sort something out :-)