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Ada Lovelace day

Today is Ada Lovelace Day. For the ignorant, she was the world's first computer programmer (predating even the existence of the first computer, thus proving the notion that Real Programmers would use Turing Machines if they weren't so poor at I/O).

For this, I am to write a post about a woman excelling in technology, and I pick Stormy Peters. She's the current Executive Director of the Gnome Foundation (an organisation I've been meaning to join for a while). I'd been reading her blog for a little while now, and I've been thoroughly enjoying her posts on the interactions between open source projects and the wider world, and also on just generally getting stuff done in these projects. She's helping to guide a project whose end results I use every day, I think they're very lucky to have her, and I look forward to seeing the changes I know she'll manage to do.

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The problem is, Ada lovelace's contribution to software development are rather exaggerated, mainly down to Babbage's fondness of her. Babbage most likely did most of the work on that program.

Now, a true pioneer of software development was Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, who was one of the originators of compiled languages, and also is responsible for the first ever bug report (