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palfrey ([personal profile] palfrey) wrote2009-02-22 05:44 pm

My projects

The observant among you may well have just noticed that I've just posted an extra Twitter posting. This one is a little different to the others however, as it's now done by a tool called Murmur that I've just finished writing. It fixes a couple of the issues with LoudTwitter - namely that it a) provides the whole conversation (where entries are public and the reply_id is set, as the latter isn't true for all clients) which was a complaint of various folks on here and b) that it's aware that some Twitter users are also LJ folks, and names entries appropriately (this is done in the crudest way possible: a lookup table in the config).

I figure now is therefore as good as any point to spend a little time talking about a few of my software projects. All of my Copious Free Time projects are actually up on Github (being a good Free/Open software person, as they're also all available under FOSS licenses, typically GPL 2), but here's a few lines on each for your reference.

Stuff I've made myself
  • comicsgrab: Better documented over here, this is a tool I've used to grab lots of webcomics to a single local page. Currently unused (with a tiny list of exceptions, I need to get around to catching up on about a year of all the stuff I used to read) but does work pretty well AFAIK

  • dotfiles: All of the shared .something files from my home dirs on multiple machines, mostly there for my personal use, but potentially of interest to others

  • epgrabber: TV episodes grabber. Keeps track of a list of TV series that I watch and automagically downloads Bittorrent files for new episodes as and when available. I'm currently in the middle of a project to build a GUI front-end for it and make it usable by mere mortals (as opposed to only those willing to write raw SQL to edit the series list)

  • fbsync: Synchronises a tree of image files/folders into Facebook. Used to dump the pics from my website into Facebook with minimal effort

  • murmur: the Twitter->LJ system mentioned above

  • pyro: Semi-automated "human in the loop" bug triager for Bugzilla systems primarily used by me for working with the Gnome bugzilla, but should works with others as well

  • urlgrab: HTTP(S) caching utility used by me all over the place..

Stuff I've modified from others work
  • gmail-notify: Gmail 'new mail' notifier. Original is at but used various (ugly) custom things e.g. the thing doing the popups on new mail, when a perfectly good built-in thing was available

  • twitux: Twitter client ( Added support for hashtags, automagically fast updating, and various bug fixes, none of which are yet fully accepted by upstream, so keeping a fork for my own purposes

Wow. That's quite a lot when I finally look at it all..