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palfrey ([personal profile] palfrey) wrote2009-02-22 12:04 am

Daily Mutterings

  • 01:39 is figuring out how to build a better twitter->LJ interface, but really should be sleeping instead... #
  • 12:37 is having a topsy-turvy "let's have dinner things for lunch" Saturday #
  • 14:19 is thinking he should finally get out of the house at least once this weekend #
  • 14:47 @rjw1 Unfortunately there's Stuff I need to do that can't easily be done indoors, but the rest of the weekend will be coding + TV... #
  • 18:23 has received the Atheist Bus badges, and will be distributing on a "finds me first" basis #
  • 20:33 @nattiemh Glad to hear that. Well done! #
  • 21:00 would like to note that if you don't set off the fire alarm, you're not making a *good* bacon sandwich (and this one is v. good) #
  • 23:47 @xugglybug Given their history (Hoary, Breezy, Dapper being the odder ones IMHO) I'm not surprised. Heck, next Debian is 'Squeeze'... #
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